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The idea of the piston collapsing did cross my mind.  Wish I had more areas I could measure on it.  It was pretty beat up.  I wouldn’t doubt that with as hot as things must have got that it could deform that piston.

As for the F-125, I’m going back and forth if I should continue that rout, or stay simple and go with a KT100 to get my feet wet in the enduro group.  Either way, I’ll be racing mostly in Michigan and tracks near by.  I think starting next season we’ll have better provisions to be able to travel further for a race, so I’m hoping to hit VIR, Road America, Watkin’s Glen, Daytona, Mid Ohio, and many of the other awesome tracks across this country, probably not all in the same year though.

Where do you run Brian?  Are you an enduro racer?

2008 GP 8 Honda 125 / TM K9B
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