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Ian Krueger


A lot of us joked saturday morning that we need a GPS to figure out if the track goes right or left after some of those huge hills, you learned to trust your gut to hit the apex’s correctly. This track was very enjoyable for everyone, plenty of safe passing, very smooth , even had a mini corkscrew!!! (turn 3 and 4 pretty much)

This was only my second national event but I was really impressed by the orginzation, the friendly ladies¬† at Registration constantly answering my questions about various things, the intercom was also very helpful! The event was run flawlessly, we had a pretty good turnout considering the other races going on that weekend. It’s nice because up in the North East the closest track is Summit, VIR, Mid Ohio, and now this amazing facility.

Heres a practice video since my other videos are taking there sweet time to render.



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