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Clark Gaynor Sr.

The problem is Bob, as I recall, this event was a pretty late entry for this calendar year.  So it dropped on top of a WKC event at Summit Point, WV and the KART Nationals.  And as most on here involved with event scheduling know, by this time of year most org’s like WKA, WKC, KART, etc, are finalizing their schedules for 2018.  And to make it worse, most organizations and clubs have little say on what dates are offered and where.

For instance, the WKA has nearly completed it’s 2018 road race schedule, and the WKC is in the very final stages as well.  I know there were WKC members that would have liked to try Pittsburgh, but we already had our event on the books since late 2016!!!  And our members tend to be very strong supporters of the WKC and the WKA.

Let’s hope for the best for the 2018 Pittsburgh event.  But they also must be aware of what others have already scheduled.

Take care,

Clark Gaynor Sr.

WKC Board Member.

WKA, NRRC Member