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Robert Lawson

OK, slight change of plans!

We are now fully looking just at Sunday 10-29.

I have 5 guys that just can not make it on that Friday AND we will need every one of them (and a few more) to get enough participation to pull this off.

“Good interest” is not “a Great deal of interest”! Am I jumping the gun? Naw. I know how these things run their course and October always struggles after an initial surge. Go back a few pages and check it out,  the history is all there.

We still need 4-5 solid commitments (lets call them checks!) over and above what I have here in front of me. Its only 10-2 so I won’t get wound up yet!!! ;)

Congratulations Brother Jerry! He is top of the heap, HIS check was here on Saturday! I can guarantee you, he will be first ON the track and will hit it at FULL speed!!! :)



PS: If you put something in the mail over the weekend hoping for a Friday and CAN’T make it on Sunday let me know, I’ll send it right back.