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Linda Baldus

What an event! We are pretty sure this is the biggest KART Enduro National Championships ever.  And there are a lot of folks that we need to say THANKS to, starting with the Race Director and KART President Jim Edgington. And if he wasn’t the one doing it, he at least picked the people that were.

Thanks to Connie and the group @ Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. We love “getting up with the chickens” @ HMRC. Good job.

Everyone that handled tech, both post and pre: Roger, Jackie, Chris, Ted, even my hubby teched a few karts when it got heavy.

And how about those ladies that put that Awards’ feast together and cooked it: Janie Stroud Proctor, Cheryl Stroud Baldus and Jennifer Edens Henry, you are “The Gals”.

And of course, Maysha and her girls. What would we do without them? Maysha is our contact to the people.

Thanks to everyone that sponsored a class to help offset some of the expense of racing at a professional race course.

And yes, David, the weather God. And Wally Wallen would have been having a ball at this event.

But most of all, Thanks to all of the racers that participated in it. Thanks to everyone from NTK, West Texas Karters, Rodney and his bunch @ Champion Kart, Josh and Praga Racing, and our MARRS’ bunch. There was some furious racing in some of the classes, especially those LO 206 races and the Stock Honda races were such fun to watch. In fact the LO 206s were so much fun I know of at least 2 old guys thinking of putting one together for themselves over the winter.

Hope everyone had as much fun as we did and made some new friends. Because above all, karting is about the camaraderie.

I hate to have to end this on a very sad note, but unfortunately there was a non-racing tragedy, as events with this many people involved sometimes do have. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Randy Rainer of New Braunfels. He passed away doing something he loved, watching a kart race.

Keep on kartin'. llb
Raymore, MO