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Robert Lawson

Well, I tried!

The Nelson Ledges opportunity has become unattractive. After his meeting with the Owner, the Manager has informed me that the full asking price of a lease is needed which could cost each of us $300 (@ 20 ppl) or more.

I like Nelson, but not that much! There is obviously much more to this story but it doesn’t need to be spelled out here. Bottom line is, we are not going to turn laps at Nelson this October.

Where does that leave us? Don’t know about y’all but I NEED some track time! So, I called Sam back at Grattan.

We came to an agreement on the open available days: Friday, October 27th OR Sunday, the 29th. “Pencil in for Friday, and use Sunday as back up.” If it looked sketchy for Friday on Monday/Tuesday, we’d move it right away. If it snows the week before we know we’re done for the year!!!!!
Because its very late in the year he will allow me to cancel with no loss of deposit. So, there is nothing to lose….unless someone wants one of these days between now and then.

Is anyone interested/available in a Friday at Grattan? If not, how ’bout just shootin’ for that Sunday??

I need your feedback so I can make a call. Otherwise, I need to search google earth and find a huge vacant subdivision!!!!! (or industrial park, parking lot, deserted airfield, closed highway……..)  :)


forgot the e-mail: f-125@hotmail.com