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William Martin

Not an ItalKart expert, but some general thoughts:

I wouldn’t worry about the fixed vs floating rotor, fixed works just fine as long as you keep it aligned and check that your caliper is working correctly, same motion on both sides. Personally , I think the floating rotor is just a band-aid for people that can’t make good calipers…

The front hubs will be a bit stiffer & may feel better on turn-in than the direct mount wheels, given same spindle diameter. If it’s handling well as is, why change it? Experiment, of course, is the ultimate answer generator. I would stay with the 40mm rear axle, as there don’t seem to be sealed bearings for the 50mm size, and sealed lasts a lot longer than those shielded dirt-eaters ever will. Even if you were racing I’d still recommend sealed bearings all around, front & back.