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Robert Lawson


We have a nice little list going here for Nelson, thats a good sign! I really like that place and it would be good to get karts back in there on a REGULAR basis!

Have not heard back as of yet but…its just now lunch time! I’ll keep y’all up to date on what is happening.

Hey Brian, thank you!

We didn’t expect much, we were really there to learn. There was also just the 3 of us running so not a big field ya know. BUT, it did certianly become a race when my rev limiting/overheated ignition decided to slow things down. My best times were in the 1:26’s, not as good as we ran in 14′ but in the ball park. Also, it didn’t run the MPH it ran with the old engine from that same year. I’m learning the ratios in this gearbox. We had the right gear just needed to tweek the rear diameter to get spot on. We’ll get the MPH out of it once I get it all figured out. This engine/gearbox will be better suited for Daytona than the RVS.

In the race Saturday we ran 31 laps. 15 good clean running laps and 16 not so much! :)

It lost 13-15 MPH on top, would only rev to 12K and needed to be short shifted just to keep some kind of momentum. I figured if the times were really bad I’d just park it but it still ran 1:28’s – 1:29’s and I could see Al slowly closing in. Those 16 laps were tough, mentally it was the hardest race I’ve ever done. The machine is struggling and you are non-stop talking to yourself about being smooth, hit the marks, easy on the brake, don’t slide the rear, shift before it slows….. it was hard. The clock was telling me Al was going to get there, probably right at the flag.

We got lucky! Plain and simple. I was pretty wound up on the cool down lap. Crazy thing is, Chuck and I were super concerned about making 45  minutes on fuel. It was going to be so close we took the fuel jug with us in the wagon to the grid. I never stopped, but, IF it had run clean the full distance….. it wouldn’t have made it! We had less than 1/2 a gallon of fuel in the tank.

It was Good Fun!!!! Al will give me a whippin at Daytona…. I’ll try to stay in his vapor trail as best I can down there!!!!