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Robert Lawson

Got the kart torn down a bit today.

All it has done is motivate me to get back out again!!!!

The engine is in good shape, everything looks perfect inside. I have a plan to alter how the rad sits in the kart and rig up a temporary box to direct the air through it.

I won’t be done for PittRace so….. Nelson anyone???? :)


I spoke to Fred this afternoon about a Saturday in October, as early as possible. Sent him an email that he can forward and talk to the Owner about. They are meeting tonight, I hope to hear what they can offer by the weekend. At MIS I spoke to a few guys that want in on a day at Nelson but we need at least 15-20 I would think just to get them to consider it.

I’ll be burning up the satelite towers and giving myself a tumor trying to get this thing going. If you are interested please leave a note or email me here: f-125@hotmail.com