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Robert Lawson

I must say, its nice that MIS is SO close to home. We stayed until all the races were finished and I still made it home for evening Church service!

The weekend seemed to go a bit smoother this time compared to others so good job to the MKC. Had a great weekend, lots of laps equal lots of notes!  Weather was perfect and there was a good number of people/karts there.

There is an issue to work out with the engine. At 21 minutes in BOTH races the engine developed what I thought was a weather induced rich condition. Now, I’m not sure about that. I think its ignition.

We had a similar issue with the old engine. The water would reach a certain temp and it would overheat the stator, and start to miss. PVL confirmed it in a bench test they did to the ignition. On that engine it was literally at the 17 minute mark. You could practically set your watch by it! We bought C&R rad cores and built our own coolers, that fixed it. There has to be the weak link in this ignition too, we’ll have Penton check this one out and see what they find.

So, there is work to do. The upside is, for 21 minutes, it was fast!

On another note, I had a few guys asking about Nelson. Maybe we can still get some Org folks to come out and look into it AND the rest of us can turn laps???!!!! We’ll See.

Back to work!!!!!