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Spencer Uzri


If the bottom end bearing is truly a performance hindrance, I’m not seeing it in comparison to the CR125, especially since I’ve watched them race together up here in the PNW at SIMA, where they’ve structured the shifter class at the club level such that the Honda & other TaG-ICC brands race together.  In terms of outright performance, yes there’s no replacement for displacement.  Then again, the X30 SS is itself a TaG-ICC,/KZ & I’d wager it has a larger bottom end bearing compared to the “pure” KZ engines, which is just a plus for reliability.  Tom has made it clear in both interviews that reliability is the expected hallmark of the package; 175 cc leaves no doubt about performance.

I’m not arguing against the performance increase it offers.  Just the cost relative to the maintenance/cost intervals.  The current crop of TaG-KZ engines is comparable to the CR.  Then again, this discussion is academic.  I’m sure it’s nearly a done deal at this stage, & I’m sure the X30 SS is a good engine.