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Rod Balding

Alex ,

Give me a call on my Intrepid Silverstone Shifter kart and LOTS of spare parts ( wheels , new tires ,seats , floor pans , front calipers , axles , rear sprockets , 2 sets of extra new spindles , extra front and rear hubs ) it’s an 08 with less than 8 times out since new , it has been hanging in my heat air cond. garage since I purchased it in the fall of ’09 and I totally rebuilt the kart this spring and has not been on the ground since , health issues have kept me from using it and last Friday I broke my left lower lower leg in 3 place so I will not be able to ever run it so it needs gone . asking somewhere between $2500.00 – $3000.00 depending on if you want the Mychron 3 Gold Plus . Of course for the $3000.00 that includes everything I have kart related (kart and parts only , engines and parts I have are not included) engines are not shifters , I have 2 not new but one has break-in time only and the other is fresh and needs broken in 100cc air cooled EasyKart motors ( basiclly the same as the new IAME KA-100 . ¬†Absolutely will NOT seperate any parts for the kart .



Rod Balding