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Spencer Uzri

Stock Honda isn’t exactly consistent with KZ class…and if you want to keep the user-friendly nature of Stock Honda, it makes perfect sense to go with a larger displacement, less highly tuned engine than the KZ family. Just as much performance, lasts longer. It won’t sound as cool though…

The factory suggested top & bottom end rebuild intervals for the TM K9ES (125 cc, 35 HP) are 100-140 L & 400-440 L (or 26-37 gal & 105-116 gal), respectively.  It has a 13.8K RPM rev limiter & a larger bottom end bearing (22 mm, if I recall) to also reduce maintenance.  Even has a simple electric start & the engine keeps the battery charged.  And it works.

Don’t get me wrong, 175 cc is nice, but $6000 for an engine is testing market tolerance.  On the other hand, if it results in volume scaled cost reduction to a level comparable with the 125 KZ engines, then it would be a no brainer.