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Robert Lawson

Wow, some “out of season” racing weather coming our way….

MIS weather this weekend: Partly cloudy 80 Fri, 82 Sat, clouding up/muggy and 84 Sun.

Frank Dawley dropped off a few Main jets so we have the entire range covered for this weekend. Rich is coming for the day to help out but will not be running his kart. Tony is coming out with his 250 too so we are looking forward to having some fun with the rest of the boys! Larry, Dave Sean, Paul, Mike and maybe Christian too…. all the Rumsey Racing team guys!!!!

I just wrote, and deleted, an epic rant on how pissed I am about the ridiculous BAN on helmet cams.

So, I will say this: At our Track Days you are welcome put cameras ANYWHERE your little heart desires. :)

See you this weekend, safe trip Y’all!!!!