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Kelly Read

The READ family would like to THANK ALL of those drivers, families and friends who supported our fall race of 2017!!! Big thanks go out to my family, friends and troop 494 who help me put this event on. I could not do this without having them!!!!!!

As for the weather, what better could it have been with “THE MAN” promoting this event!!! LOL

As for the racing, AWESOME!!! I even had to use transponder placement as the final result in a couple of classes due to not even my own KEEN EYES could tell which kart crossed the line first.

As for the kids (Brad, Lindsay), they both ran and had super races in the B&S ANIMAL SPORTSMAN classes. It was nice to see Brad come out of retirement and come run!!! Lindsay in her SPRINT STOCK LEOPARD kart ran well and up front both days with 2 other top drivers battling for the lead. Saturday she lost the air box on the next to last lap and pulled in (THANK YOU!!) and on Sunday, she pulled in on the last lap to not interfere with the other drivers who are in the points championship battle as she is not legal at this time due to running the Horstman axle clutch that we have been testing this year for HORSTMAN. You can see my updates on this clutch on another forum.

Good luck to everyone at the KART ROAD RACE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS at Hallett!!