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John Crider

Here’s how it goes. All of You Enduro Go-Kart Racing enthusiast like to say OMG the trees and OMG that track looks dangerous. Lake Afton is the longest running event in all of Karting to my knowledge. Yes some racers have got hurt there but how many of You have raced at Daytona? Check out the fatality rate there. Back in the 70’s and 80’s there would be over 50 racers in just one class. At least 25 C-Opens (the big boys) that would go over 150 MPH on hard tires and crappy brakes. The point I’m trying to make if You do not want to race on a great track then don’t, but don’t sound like a whiner with lame excuses. Show what You have and come to a great time at a great place. I don’t want to sound rude but Lake Afton is My favorite track next to Oak Hill Texas (R.I.P.)