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Robert Lawson

Hey Mark!

Good to hear from you! I spoke to Jerry this evening, he mentioned the new kart and the need for testing. I’m working on the options right now. As always, if there are enough guys we’ll do something….. somewhere!


We have not gotten that far yet. We have 2 races in Sept here in our region and the AKRA season finale Sept 30 – Oct 1 to be mindful of. Not to mention other Club/Series events finishing up at the same time.

This I DO know:

1. Nelson Ledges wants a karting day before the season is over.
2. At the request of Management, I have left a message with the WKA liason whom made contact with Nelson, to inform & invite them and any of their partners to this possible opportunity.
3. I have called CES and gave a report on my trip to Nelson last week and to extend to them the same invitation.
4. As a return favor to Mr. Wolfe at Nelson, I volenteered to do anything I could to help get karts back to that facility now that they have repaved. (I may have even offered to bring a weedwacker :) )
5. Any opportunity for the Management to offer a Kart Day, in respect to ALL Orgs, should be done after the racing season has concluded.

I have not reached out to DKC personally about this, but I don’t need to. Those guys know they are always welcome and someone is looking in here regular.

I’ll be honest here, this is a financial loser for the Facility. I know what the asking price to lease is over there, even in what would be considered the “off” season. They won’t be able to get that from this Kart Day, from experience the October gigs are always tough to finance.

But when has that stopped us from trying!!!!! :)

I’ll get more details to you as they come guys…..