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Robert Lawson

Hey Y’all,

In trying to gain attention for AND participation in a “karting day” at Nelson Ledges, I’m posting a link to all 5 clips from my trip over there.


I’m working with the Management for a Track run/promoted/sponsored “kart day” for anyone interested in getting something going at Nelson. I don’t care whom you are, WKA, AKRA, Dart, Woodbridge, MKC, CES….. I am trying to help this FACILITY get karts back in the rotation on their season schedule.

Although the former Management is gone, and I had a very good relationship with them, I want to help Fred Wolfe the Track Manager (former grounds keeper!) get Nelson Ledges back in the mainstream. The facility will continue to be upgraded, actually, the plan was to do ALL the upgrading before repaving. But, some very convincing and persistant groups were relentless in requesting the repave get done asap. There were MANY vollenteers from these group that helped remove the great deal of rundown junk out there I talk about in the videos.

Now, some of you may be saying “When did karts ever race at this place before????” I hold in my hand a flyer advertising an IKF Enduro race from September 1968! Thats right, I said 1 9 6 8 !!!!! The track was called Steel City International Raceway, the Club was Competition Karters Inc. and your $13 entry included 1 pit pass!!!!

This is a Historic place, its finally been repaved and deserves our patronage. Again!

Bonus video:

I have a lotta more…