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Robert Lawson

Nelson Ledges, repaved:



I have a ride-around video in Bobby’s van with Chuck and Fred where Fred explains the different colors of pavement. They are not patches but intentional compound difference, purposely laid. Genious! I’ll see about editing it down for time.

The track had no rubber down so the tires were absolutely clean coming off the track and I had tire dust on my legs from the fronts. Regardless, the surface had decent grip on very used tires. A new set would have been a better evaluation but I didn’t get them balanced in time!

This is a last minute run at the time limit for the day. Fred was nice enough to let me go right back out after finding a new but faulty spark plug after cutting off the only long run of the day. I’ll post up a video on that too!


Enjoy the ride, I have much more comming about Nelson!