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Rod Hawkins

resurrecting an old thread. I bought some Molecule for my suit duties. Heavy soiled oil/grease from a few races and me doing much of my own wrenching.

I sprayed and drenched the spray on the suit. The used the detergent, also used some dawn dish soap as well as a couple packets of clothing soap, a couple packets of dishwashing detergent (I have read that this can work well with these applications since it is made to cut into greasy dishes) and a little stain cleaner.

Let soak for around an hour, then put on heavy cycle. Did a really good job of getting the whites clean and bright (will never get a white suit again). It didn’t get everything out, but I was actually fairly surprised it did as well as it did. Problem is, I used more than half the spray bottle and about 1/3-1/2 of the detergent part of it, ALONG with all the other stuff I through in there. I will have to figure out another way, thats too much money in Molecule product and as much as I’d like to support a specialty company, it is just to much, compared to what I hope I can accomplish with household items.

I can’t find any “wayne industries green” as talked about above, but I do have a TON of simple green. Simple Green is kind of odd stuff though, and probably not good to mix with traditional “detergents”. So perhaps the Dawn, Plus stain remover, plus normal detergent, plus dishwashing detergent might work?

Some say to do dry cleaning, but talking to some guys at the track, they say to make sure you get a good one, as a bad dry cleaner wont get it clean and it will make the stains more permanent. So I am a little leary there.