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Larry Dobbs

Hi Derek,

I hope you get your wish and you enjoy racing as much as I do.  I have a PVP and a Rotax 257, but that’s not what you asked me!  I recommend that you buy a kart from Ian Harrison or at least get his advice because he is the best person to ask and he will make sure you get what you pay for.  I see that you live on the east coast (very important) and I have read your post so I will do my best to advise from the west coast.  Several people have bought Anderson Mavericks with Honda CR250s and they are very pleased with what Ian has shipped them.  Some people have bought karts privately and have had limited success with their purchase.  Here’s the question you have to ask yourself.  Do I want to race competitively or do I want to race what I bring to the track and be satisfied with wherever that leaves me.  If you want to race competitively in your region with several competitors showing up to all the races then you have some research to do.  What is the superkart community racing on the east coast?  How many events, how many competitors in which classes, and where are the races being held.  I bought my kart out of a barn.  I knew the kart and the person who raced it so I knew it was a winner.  I had to restore it though and it was more work than I could do alone.  I have been racing in IKF and NCK for 24 years.  Roger Miller (IKF President), and some of his closest friends, has been keeping roadracing alive on the West coast one racer at a time.  We have supported the ICE class because it is the least expensive and least complicated among the superkart classes.  Good luck in your quest and we (superkart racers in the USA) are happy you are joining us!