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Robert Lawson

I have to get my EGT bung welded on the pipe this weekend and some new springs for the exhaust and the kart will be ready.

Spoke to Nelson Ledges 4 times today working out a plan for track time this coming week that is not threatened by weather. I have 2 days picked out, 1 early, 1 late. I’ll be shopping for a camera this weekend, the result of that along with the forcast will determine which day I choose.

Spoke also with PittRace today too. Unfortunately they can’t get me out there in the next 2 weeks. We did talk about heading over there early in September. I will be in contact with them in the next couple weeks, the possibility of a “Track Sponsored” Friday/Event practice is now in the hands of the Management. They will talk it over and make a decision. That is the best I could do, its too late in the year and short notice makes the chances of this happening a financial mess.

If you want to influence this, call the Track Office and leave a message that you would attend. You never know, it may help! (PittRace: 724-535-1000)

More to come….