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Roger Ruthhart

In preparation for the 2017 Xtream Rock Island Grand Prix powered by Mediacom, the organizing committee wants to make competitors aware of several minor rules adjustments that will be put into affect.

* At the urging of competitors, the Open Shifter 2 race will NOT be run on the same tires as King of the Streets or Masters Shifter. While this has been a successful program for Briggs and Yamaha racers, gearbox karts race on different compounds and with more horsepower. It has been determined that tire degradation would be too significant and that racers competing in the King of the Streets race only would hold an unfair advantage. Both classes will continue to be offered so that shifter drivers can enjoy the main reason the second class was added – to provide an opportunity for more track/practice time and a second chance to win.  But each class will run Heat Races and Features on the same but different tires per the Supplemental Rules.

* A rule was included in the Margay Ignite shootout classes that does not allow previous winners at Rock Island to compete in these classes. Unfortunately due to the fact that the Ignite Junior class is the only junior class run at Rock Island, that rule unfairly singles out one competitor. That competitor won the class last year, is still a junior and has no other options for racing at Rock Island. So with the blessing of Margay, that rule is being eliminated for the Ignite Junior class only.

* Finally, for Briggs & Stratton 306 competitors we would like to call your attention to a new clutch rule released by the manufacturer. In its application at Rock Island, it will read as follows:

“Included in this update is a clarification of the driver and standard driver conversion as a non-tech item to prevent any future confusion. This updated language is highlighted in red. The official Briggs & Stratton 206 rule set has also been changed along with the date on our website. 32. Clutch (updated 8/11/17)

All Briggs 206 and Ignite classes can run any rim centrifugal clutch with a maximum of 9 springs and 6 shoes. No alteration to clutch allowed, except springs, driver, driver conversion and clutch key are nontech. Clutch coolers are not allowed. Clutch drums must be stamped single-piece steel only. Aftermarket drums with “machined” contact surfaces are not allowed.