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Linda Baldus

Update for Dad from Ashley: Today they did a bronchial scope to clean out his lungs some more. He still has pneumonia but his #s have changed for the good. There was some talks about the breathing tube coming out today but he is not responding the way they need to make the doctor feel OK with it, so the tube will stay in and we will hope for tomorrow. Like they tell him to wiggle his toes; he may wiggle them 5 minutes later, just not right away. Surgery is still not out of the question. It looks like we still have a long road and stay here in Topeka. The grandkids are helping him push harder; they tell him to open your eyes and see. And he opened them really. We just wish he would get strong enough that the docs can move him; the commute is costly and time consuming and it’s a bummer because myself, Rachael and Mikey can’t stay for long periods.
Thank you all for your love, support and praying. We read your messages to him.

Keep on kartin'. llb
Raymore, MO