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Robert Lawson

Sorry guys!!! The Wife said nay-nay to hitting the garge on Sunday!

We had my niece’s Wedding at 3pm and she would not allow me to get out there and get dirty!!!

Ah but there is good news…. I shot the video today! 2 of them actually!

What happened?? Why 2??? Oh no you don’t…. you’ll have to wait for the YT uploading to finish!!!!

It seems BOTH my cameras are botched! Even the VIO cam has digital break up in the video!!??? I’m looking at a Go Pro “Sessions” cam, for 150 bucks. Thats all I’m willing to spend as easily as these things get shaken apart and trashed! The VIO cam is remote! It was in my suit with no vibration, last time I used it the video was good???!!!!?????? Could it be the card?

Anyway, there will be some “technical difficulties” to the video’s.

Can’t wait to get on the track at Nelson!