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Ambrose Buldo

I don’t know if there are clubs beyond the state championship at E-Town. OVRP does have club racing, but a quick look at their site does seem to show “TaG or bust” as your senior options.

There is a club race at OVRP this Sat. You may want to check it out. Pretty good participation. I may run in Tag Masters, but it will be my 1st Kart race in years and 1st with the Ikart + Rok Engine Package. Not expecting to be super competitive, but should be quick enough safely stay out of the way. If they get my starter fixed in time, I may also practice/test on Friday. If you want to rent a Kart, Friday may be a good day to experience the new track.

I fully support the establishment of a less expensive, slower, less physicialy demanding class. A couple years ago, we informally tried to get a 100CC Class going at OVRP, but were no able to get more than a 1/2 dozen guys a couple times. At that point I was running the KPV Engine. A lot of the same advantages as the L2O6. With a restrictive pipe, similar perforamnce to the more common KT100. Unfortunuitly, did not have anyone to run with on a consistant basis and I and had to drink the Kool-Aid and Go TAG. I went with the Rotax, which is what was supported by the track at the time.