Kelly Read

Testing the clutch at HPT this past weekend had the same results as the other tests went, AWESOME!!!

On the previous test sessions I did not go after a win, I went after what would the clutch do or not do. At those races, I put gearing CLOSE but not right on and had our flex length not where we would normally have it and set clutch from anywhere from 3000 – 6000 clutch engagement and worked the piss out of it so Horstman had facts.

At HPT this past weekend, I dialed Lindsay in to win!!! I had the clutch engagement at 5500. She had a great battle with 2 other drivers for the lead from the start up to the final lap at which time she pulled in to not interfere with the other 2 drivers as they were in the points championship and she couldn’t have placed anyway as we were not legal due to the axle clutch. You can see a pic of this on her facebook page.

My opinion, this clutch WILL save the racer money let alone the work and time to change clutches out at the track!! I had a KART director tell me this weekend that he had a TAG competitor tell him that KART needed to approve it as he himself was spending $200.00 a weekend on engine clutches and if we want to keep racers in our sport, then this needs to be approved. This made me happy to hear as I have said this before but having someone that I didn’t know say the same thing, that is good!!!

I have recommended to the KART directors to approve this new clutch in the TAG classes (only class that runs clutches outside of the 4-cycles that axle clutches are not legal in) for the 2018 season.

Anyone have any questions, contact me at either 316-218-3645 or Kelly.read@westarenergy.com