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Yup, I agree with Wade

I’ve used the same set of tires all season on my L0206, so far 6 races, and may still get one more.

The beauty about buying a complete L0206 kart/engine package is that it will be affordable, you get to try it while the class gets some traction, and before you know it there will be lots of people doing it ( I know for fact ) And if you find out you don’t like your kart, then you can sell it for what you paid for.

Buy if you buy an older TAG kart with and older Rotax or Leopard engine (boat anchor motor ) and you decide you don’t like it, then selling it again might be a bit difficult, you may sit on it for a while and you won’t get the majority of your money back. Almost nobody in the country runs those anymore.

Listen to the good advise given here by some of us, been there done that.

You trust us, and can almost be 100 percent that if you and your buddies start going to the track with your L0206 it will grow big, don’t be intimidated by the lack of kart counts. There is a reason why there are so little numbers in your town for TAG karts, but if you invest a little time and money on L0206 it will take off fast, and you will benefit from all the many participants that will start doing it too.