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Wade Wishneski


If someone tried hard to get LO206 going it could work in the area, it has proven successful in other areas of the States.  Not everyone who has interest in this sport wants to go 65 mph or spend a fortune on tires and motor rebuilds of $1000 -$1200.  That is the upside to LO206, people want to race something affordable without spending thousands and thousands.  You can still race TAG on a budget, you just have to set that bar on what you want to spend.  For example, I made the decision this past weekend at Etown not to put on new tires for race day and save the $210, unfortunately the tires I used were considerably worn and my performance suffered, but I made that choice since there was so few participants in the Masters class last Sunday.  If there was more participants, I would have put new rubber on the kart, but I felt it wasn’t worth it that day.  My point is you just determine from the outset what you want out of kart racing.