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Gene Siskoske

Hey all, a ton of replies.. glad we got a conversation going.

I’ve never thought about road racing a kart on much larger tracks. That’d be sort of surreal experience, after growing up seeing a lot of those tracks on TV/video games/youtube.

In addition to this LO206/TAG conversation, I may look into racing on larger well known circuits as well. Thanks for the heads up Clark, I will look into those websites you mentioned.

As far as LO206/TAG… I do wish LO206 was a bit bigger in this area. I’m a personal believer of “driving a slow car fast is better than driving a fast car slow” and this seems like that sort of thing. The extra bonus is cheaper maintenance, cheaper turn key complete kart, etc.

There has to be (and seems like there is) at least a few of us who feel the same way.