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Craig Drabik

When we ran WF in the WNYKA/Batavia Kart Club, we ran them box stock, stock clutch, exhaust, etc.  We also combined the WF with KT-100 can and stock Animal, using weight to equalize.  We didn’t seal engines so we could keep costs down for folks who wanted to do their own maintenance.  In reality it wasn’t really an issue for us having people tinkering with the engine for performance reasons.

I think karting tends to go through these cycles where everyone starts to become obsessed with what’s going on with “nationals”, and the clubs tend to evolve to support what’s being run in WKA or SKUSA or F-Series or whatever.  I think that’s proved to be dangerous for the wider sport of karting.  Those packages tend to be more expensive, higher maintenance, and less accessible for new folks or people who just want to have fun in a kart.  I think we’re in one of those cycles now.  Club numbers are down, and we’re left with few accessible options to get new people into the clubs.  The GVKC tries to be accommodating by running tons of classes.  WNYKC tried to use equivalence with weight.  Not sure what the solution is but we need IMHO two steps on the club ladder in terms of speed before people step up to 125cc speed and cost.