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I agree

L0206 is very successful everywhere in the country, and yes in the beginning people were skeptical about it, including myself, and now you look at it!!

Here in Cali, they had to split it in 3 classes so that it won’t get too crazy with 46 plus to 60 plus karts on the grid, I also see it growing everywhere.

It won’t be long before many people jump on board.

Just buy a couple of karts you and your buddy and go to the track, if you come to a place where you thing it wasn’t for you, then sell the whole package for the same amount of money you bought it for. Nothing to lose and a lot to be gain if it works out.

I wish both of you guys lived here in Cali, I would totally hook you up for a track day or a race day, and you would love it.

And Brad.

You should really look into buying a few karts with L0206 packages, start an arrive and drive program, and see what happens. ( Monkey see, Monkey do )

Won’t be long before everybody starts buying an L0206 package and start racing soon. This is how clubs and classes get started, someone has to take the initiative about it, especially when the sport is not doing too good in your town. There is just something special about that package that makes it so much fun.

Easy to drive

Cheap to own and maintain

Cheap on tires (4 to 6 races )

Motors will last 3 to 5 years before you throw away ( heck! I can buy a new motor with the money I spend on race gas in one season Lol. )

Easy on new drivers ( no tuning, no car or clutch adjustment )

Only concentrate on driving

You can’t go wrong with it. Just go for it.