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Brad Nyman

i hate to say it, but it is basically tag or nothing in the nj/pa/ny area…

I tried to get momentum going for a briggs l0206 class going a little over a year ago, but it never really took off. id love to start something with the class for next year and am trying to figure out what to do now to get it up and running. njmp used to have its own club series years ago, but management let it slip a little and numbers dwindled. Marco and the f series stepped in and created the state championship series to fill the void, but runs njmp and etown in one schedule. It is the closest you’ll get to true “club” racing in NJ.

all i know, is after a few years away from driving, I’m throwing a lo206 together for next season and hope others follow the idea and something takes off. Tag is too time consuming/expensive for me to try and race a full season at any level next year except maybe a few one off races… BRING ON THE 206!!!

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