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Clark Gaynor Sr.

I’ll just throw this out there, have you new folks considered road racing?   Karts on sports car tracks, eg: Daytona, MidOhio, Summit Point, Kershaw, AMP, Roebling Road, VIR, etc.

On a road course, a Tag is much less punishing than on a sprint track, AND there are a bunch of them running with the Woodbridge Kart Club.  Also, there are about three of us getting the CIK LO206 Sprint class going, which is a road race class with the World Karting Assoc.  They’re pretty slow on a big track, but they are a LOT of fun, very little work and they don’t bust up equipment.

The WKC is having a race at Summit Point, August 26th and 27th.  If you’re interested, stop by and check it out.  The WKC has five events per year, two of which are WKA Nationals.  I realize Summit Point, West Virginia isn’t as close as Englishtown, but it might be of interest.

If you do stop by in a few weeks, please look me up and I’ll give you the cooks tour of road racing.  Also check out the Woodbridge Kart Club and the World Karting Association websites.

Have fun in your research into the world of kart racing,

Clark Gaynor Sr.