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Well, looks like most of the experienced guys here in the forum have given you the info and advised to the best of their knowledge and personal experience.

Looks like at this point you’re just gonna have to decide where and when to pull the trigger.

I still think that if you and your buddies that wanna start racing should start with L0206, and as soon as the local guys see how much fun, simple and cheap to run they are, they all are gonna wanna buy one and start racing. This may require of you guys to get the ball rolling, talking to people, etc, and once they see it in action they will develop an interest about that class, and who knows you may just start a new thing there.

Good luck to you both.

Oh! And if that is what you wanna try, then I have about 6 complete turn key karts available and ready to race. 2 of them are brand new, and 4 of them are 2014’s and 2015’s. It will be a lot cheaper to run, trust me, and the tires do last about 4 to 6 races, depending on track .