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Matt Martin

First of all———-keep your kart OFF the streets!!! You’re giving EVERYONE on this site and kart racing in general a BAD name! I doubt anyone will help you! Take the kart to a kart track. Clark Gaynor Sr.

Thanks for your input but I’m not driving an hour and paying $55 just to do some carb tuning. Also, I’d like to think the general population is smart enough to notice the difference between driving a kart on the street and Kart Racing. That is unless you believe that people think driving a car fast on the street gives NASCAR a bad name? When you see me being reckless and breaking the rules of the road, go ahead and whine but I followed all basic traffic laws and the only person I endangered in that situation was myself, which I believe I have the right to do. If you have a chance to get off your horse you may understand.


Just so we understand, you’re quoting the guy that works really hard to help kids and adults get into affordable, safe karting up and down the mid-Atlantic.  he’s been around a while and is one of the most helpful, down-to-earth fellas you’ll find in the paddock.  His advice isn’t just some unfounded soap-box preaching.