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Robert Henderson

First of all———-keep your kart OFF the streets!!! You’re giving EVERYONE on this site and kart racing in general a BAD name! I doubt anyone will help you! Take the kart to a kart track. Clark Gaynor Sr.

Thanks for your input but I’m not driving an hour and paying $55 just to do some carb tuning.

Also, I’d like to think the general population is smart enough to notice the difference between driving a kart on the street and Kart Racing. That is unless you believe that people think driving a car fast on the street gives NASCAR a bad name?

When you see me being reckless and breaking the rules of the road, go ahead and whine but I followed all basic traffic laws and the only person I endangered in that situation was myself, which I believe I have the right to do. If you have a chance to get off your horse you may understand.