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Dom Callan



Just for fun, I took a look at the race results for the TAG masters race held at Elizabethtown on Sunday.

7 folks total.

The top two were neck and neck at .3s difference.

The number three guy chased the leaders by himself with a 6s gap.

the next two guys were duking it out 13s off the leaders but .8s of each other.

the last guy to finish was 23s off the leader. It looks like #7 had to bow out after 5 laps sadly.

The important bit from a “Can I race here?” Standpoint seems to be “how fast should I be able to get around the track?”.

Well, the top 5 all posted a best laptime of between 42 and 43 seconds. The last two guys posted 47.8 and 48.6 best lap times.

So, I’m guessing if you can be anywhere in that range, you are good to go racing.

With my almost complete lack of skill and experience I think my lap times on practice day were around 45s. So, I guess this means that it would definitely be possible for someone with my level of experience (almost none) to be able to participate and have fun without being a total speed bump.