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Robert Henderson

Thanks guys,

I got luckier than I deserve and found a guy less than a half mile from my house with a dirt bike shop who personally runs cr125 shifter karts.

I brought him the kart, he printed me out a list of parts to buy and come back to him when I had them. After his help on the part numbers I’m sure I could’ve handled the rest myself but I figured if he went out of his way to help me, I could pay him to do the work and probably learn a little.

So this past Saturday I brought him the kart and paid him 100 bucks to let me watch while he replaced the piston ring, all the gaskets aside from the crankcase, and the waterpump. After he finished he came with me to a local lot to help me get the kart started.

After going through everything to get it started again I think my issue was not turning over the motor enough to get the carb filled or possibly the piston ring. Regardless, she runs now and a big thank you to Dan at World of Powersports in Clearwater Fl.

So take from that what you will but now she runs.