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Dom Callan


Ouch. I am recovering from yesterday (sore and bruised but limbs still attatched).

Couple other things:

The rental and kart ownership is the expensive bit. The track time is not expensive. I believe it was $10 at the gate to get into lot and $35 to use the track for the day.

The day begins at roughly 9am and goes to 4 or 5. They then have 10 minute sessions by class. (Cadets, then teen racers, then older folks, and then also the folks on the 4 stroke rental karts). In the morning they might combine classes to maximize track time (i.e. Senior and rentals together).

Couple of things to note: different engines will run together in practice so you might be in a tag kart on track with folks in Yamaha or Briggs engines. So clearly speeds are going to be different.

at first I thought you weren’t supposed to pass people. Turns out that it’s fine to pass, just do so sensibly. There’s no restriction as to when or where you can pass but generally folks were cautious.

The seniors are very well behaved and careful, the teens appear to be generally really good drivers and are a bit scary to watch because they run very aggressively.

my day started miserably because the local rule is “if you stall you are done”. If you stall your kart, you will be watching other people go by until the checkered flags drops. My first session ended in turn 3 and my second was a bit better (made it one full lap before stalling out behind a rental Briggs). So really, you don’t want your engine to cut out.

Skill levels are quite varied and I don’t think anyone new to karting would feel uncomfortable.

If you make a day of it, it’s basically an all you can eat buffet of driving. I personally had reached the point where I basically was physically destroyed by about 2pm.

it would appear that the best way to go is to own your own kart. The rental tag kart was fun but fit is an issue. They run huge seats so you are going to be bouncing around in there. My knee and the gas tank had an ongoing argument that my knee lost. Fortunately the rental people have a trailer full of gear so I was able to get a knee pad and I was able to borrow a second rib protector to try to widen my girth a bit.

Since the OP was wondering about buying a kart, FTR has karts for sale from about $2500 to about $6500 used. I know almost nothing about karts so can’t speak to wether these prices are good, bad or indifferent.

Bring lots of water. There is a concession stand that makes burgers and the like, but h2o is $3 a bottle at the track. Next time I will visit the local Wawa before coming.

the track is fun but bumpy in a couple places and you definitely don’t want to clip the red dome marker bumps.

The rental karts don’t have transponders so you have no clue how your lap times are. I could see folks flipping through their mychrons so I assume if you own a kart, the infrastructure for that sort of data exists there.

It was nice to meet Wade (thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself).

Final thought, bring one of those sams club foldable chairs or something.

Anyways that’s all I can think of. Have fun.