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Dom Callan

Ok have spoken to Keith at full tilt. Basically he runs an arrive and drive  plus performance rentals/storage/service. My general understanding is that he will rent or sell you a kart, store it, prep it etc. They will be at the track and for a fee can provide all the support you might need.

There’s basically two series, gear up and the state championships. He says the primary difference is that the state is always at either englishtown or Millville and that there’s 10-11 races a year. Gear up is 7 races and further afield.

he says that both series are for anyone, regardless of age and skill. it does not sound very complicated. Sign up, pay, qualify, race. If you are too slow they’ll figure something out.

both Keith and the other gentleman who runs f series expressed that the only game in town is 125cc tag or shifters. There’s just not enough folks to have other classes.

lepoard and x30 are the primary engines with lepoard being the economical option.

more to come if I learn anything else