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Spencer Uzri

New Pro Shifter class iame 175cc soon to come. Why not it is Tom’s (Importer) Motor be crazy not to do this. Honda is done as we know it.

While shifters aren’t cheapest thing in karting, & it will be interesting to see what the market can bare.  That’s a nice engine, though $6K is getting up there.  My TM K9ES (125 cc) cost $4K back in ’07, which isn’t cheap.  At current exchange rates, it lists for ~$5K.

I guess, to me, it seems better to allow all the TaG-KZ makes (TM, IAME, Maxter) into the market to compete.  Keep in mind, there is a fair amount of parts commonality between the ICC engine makes (not everything, of course), which mitigates the notion of proprietary issues with parts to a certain degree.  Set up a spec that emphasizes reliability standards/metrics to avoid the cost spiral synonymous with the ICC classes.  Market wise, it makes more sense for the consumer.

A sole engine for all creates a situation of monopoly dependence that is prone to issues like the this current situation with the Honda, where the mfger is/will be withdrawing the product for whatever reason, & everyone is left scrambling for a replacement, or else they bail because it’s cost prohibitive &/or there’s a perception that the class is unstable.

My opinion.