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Ambrose Buldo

I agree the Rotax is becoming less relevant. It is probably caused by their crazy pricing, their Evo Upgrade mess and the disparity between motors they build. That’s why I jumped ship and traded my ROTAX Quasi-Evo in for the ROK. The X-30 was probably a safer bet, but it would of cost me much more to upgrade. Hope with OVRP supporting the ROK, it becomes more common.

OVRP always has used Karts for sale. Other folks mentioned other sources. Take a ride up to the track, they are open every day. I may go up, sometime during the week or next Sunday. OVRP has rentals availiable everyday except Mondays. Call them direct or hit ovrp.net.

At 53 YO, going to be racing in their “TAG Masters Class”. Hot sure how competitive I’ll be, but age-wise, I more than qualify.

If you buy a used engine as part of a package, you should make user you get a good deal. Treat the engine as having very little value unless it is brand new of fresh off a full rebuild by reputable builder.