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Gene Siskoske

Rotax 50Hrs on Standard Rebuild, $1450, had no issues, top end 25 hrs, half that price Ran pump gas, Motol oil at 50:1, $17 per liter Maybe another $400 between rebuilds. Reeds, matting, filters, sparkplugs, etc Everything else is probably the same regadless of engine… Seat, tires, lube, chain, brakes, sprockets Until something breaks, the Rotax is as reliable as a TAG engine gets. Then parts get expensive.

Ambrose thanks again for the response,

That is about what I had in mind for maintenance… I will continue to research and learn more about the local community, hopefully I can get to a few events this year to just watch and learn, maybe make a few contacts, etc.

Thanks again for all the help guys.