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Gene Siskoske

Well, sorry, I had no Idea how low in numbers you guys were in your town, here in Cali we have plenty kart counts, just in LO206 last year we had 36 karts, and keeps growing, most states in the country are embracing that class and it’s growing very rapidly, I’m really surprised it hasn’t taken off in your town. Some of the TAG motor packages you guys mentioned are boat anchors here, and at many race tracks are no longer supported, or any class available for them, yes they let them run with other TAG motors but there’s no class for them. My buddy had a brand new TAG X30 package, he only used it about 2 to 3 times, then ran one race with us at the LO206 class, he loved it so much he sold his 3 race old X30 package. Keep in mind we have ran many classes in the passed, now we only focus on LO206 and shifter karts SKUSA only. I would highly recommend to look harder and make absolutely sure what strong classes run at your local track, or even if you have to travel 1 to 2 hours to get to a good track with a big class it may be worth it. Sorry, I’m just trying to help, and no I would not like for you to do hot laps by yourself either, but you did mention you were considering LO206 That’s why I recommended it that’s all. Do you guys have a massive amount of TAG karts there? What are the numbers each race weekend? This is what it looks like here in Cali for SKUSA or Tri-C Karters About 86 shifter karts on the grid


I appreciate the quick response. I may be going to a few events in the future to walk around and learn more about the events/kart counts. I don’t know how little participation there is in LO206, but it seems like very little. I would probably travel to OVRP, Englishtown and NJMP, to see what the different participation rates are at each of those locations.

From a little searching it seems like the up front cost of a TAG kart and a LO206 are a little closer than I expected. The big difference here seems to be the maintenance…

Maybe I can get some info from a few TAG guys on what their annual expenses are for maintaining their karts. Anyone have something to chip in on this topic?

Thanks everyone, this forum is great!