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Gene Siskoske

Just run LO206, there is something about that class that is too much fun!!! Hard to describe, but we have ran many different classes and engine packages through the years, and LO206 is so much fun, with out all the stress of engine/clutch tuning etc. Just set up your correct gear ratio, put gas and go. It is so cheap to run, all you gotta do is change the motor oil every race weekend, they use cheap pump gas. TAG, Yamaha KT100 can get pretty expensive with rebuilds every 3 to 4 races if you wanna stay competitive, new clutches are around $365, plus you have to run race fuel and pre mix every race, ad another $95 to $105. Just do LO206 for a season or 2 till you get real good at it, then switch to whatever engine you want. Anyhow just my 2 cents.


I do like the idea of a cheaper to maintain kart, but I would want to be doing more than just hotlaps around a track with no one in my class. A few of the guys on here say in my area LO206 isn’t too popular… so I would be hesitant because of the lack of participation. Maybe I can find a certain series where a handful of guys run the LO206 and get some more info from them.

It does seem like the LO206 is cheaper/easier to maintain, but the drawback seems like there is less than ideal competition (in my area)… so I will have to try to weigh each of those pros/cons in my head.

I would appreciate if any of the local guys could chip in on this. Maybe I could go LO206 and learn my skills and hotlap and solo/autocross (if thats an option) before I move to a more competitive class. Maybe I will even find a few more LO206 guys to race with.

Please let me know what you guys think.