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Ambrose Buldo

Thank for the great feedback. Already have had Chi Chi at OVRP order me a new coil wire and an 11 tooth Driver.

I would of traded in my Rotax for more common x-30 if I had a lettered cylinder head. I did not, so I went the ROK Trade in route ($1,200). I got to say I am very impressed with the engine. Been trouble free, seems well engineered, performs well. It is a gas guzzler compared to the Rotax.

Really hope support for the engine develops. I too spoke to the people at ROKCUP and they said an engine FAQ was being developed and posted soon. The manual is better than nothing, but really is a basic installation guide. They also mentioned they are working on dealer network. I few of us are now running the ROK GP, including TIM @ OVRP.

I am currently shopping a new engine mount for the ROK + Ikart.