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Gene Siskoske

To clarify, the F Series does promote a series of events called the State Championship Series which comprises 10 events split between New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) & Englishtown. This is a good club type series and runs separately from the The F Series Gear Up events which is comprised of 6 events. If you’re in the NJ area, the F Series State Championship and Oakland Valley (OVRP) are both good options. We run the full State Championship series and select F Series Gear Up events. In this area though, LO206 has not really taken off as much as some have tried, so your viable option really is TAG. Full Tilt Racing does offer rentals at the State Championship events if you’d really like to try it before diving into karting. FYI: there is a State Championship event this weekend at Englishtown, NJ http://www.thestatechampionship.com/

Wade, thanks for the info, and thanks for giving me a heads up on the LO206 popularity.

I was actually going to do a Full Tilt rental at Englishtown sometime this summer to see how I feel about it. I’m assuming Full Tilt does rent out TAG karts?

Out of curiosity, what is a fair price for a complete used TAG kart?

Thanks guys!