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Robert Lawson

Shipped out the box to US Chrome and got the engine mounts squared away.

This new engine is tiny. I mean its small compared to the RVS, a full couple inches shorter in the cases! The rear mount was ok and it kept the chain as short as possible but had to make a longer front mount. Got that all done, welded up at Pop Moscones new shop yesterday (beautiful big new garage!) and fit/primed & painted today. The cut-away on the side panel isn’t close at all, the cylinder sits¬†3 inches back from the RVS. I have a special little project to fix that!!!! It will be sweet!

I’ll start cutting up the pipe to fit next week, gotta buzz Carbon Tech too and see where they are on my reeds and it will be ready to go. Can’t wait to see what shes got!!!!

I’ll post up a little video when I give it the first crank!!!!

Got a call back from Nelson but nothing from PittRace. I’m not ready yet so its not a big deal, I’ll chase these guys down when its time to go.