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Chris Barrington

Thanks for the feedback, gentlemen.

Tony, I didn’t intend to bring the engine hoist to the track, since I’ve always been able to find kind folks to help me load and unload from the trailer at the track.  Since I service my own vehicles, I was just looking at something I could buy that would serve many purposes.

I did initially look at one-man kart stands, but they all seem to lift from the rear.  My kart trailer (which is very nice and was given to me by a friend) is setup to load with the rear of the kart towards the tongue because there is a box on the front of the trailer; thus I couldn’t use the one-man stand to load and unload.

I think the best long-term solution is pick up a one-man stand, re-tool the trailer bed to allow for loading with the nose of the kart to towards the front of the trailer, and then I’m set all the way around.  I can store it on the stand, load and unload at home and do everything I need at the track, solo.